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About me

I started wedding photography to help a friend. More and more I see photographers competing for business almost entirely on price, posts on social media with hundreds of 'bargain offer pitches'


I want to make your day memorable, and to do that with as little stress as possible, delivering a personal, professional and valued service.


Prices? Well I do have a Services guide page, and some loose packages of services to make life a little easier. But you will notice an absence of prices I've chosen to take my prices off, why? Because I want clients to book me based on the work I produce and the feedback I get.

Does that mean your really expensive? No I even did a wedding for cake once (it was good cake) If you like my work, and I like you then we will agree on a price that you can afford and keeps my bills paid.



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Richard Howard

145 North Street



TA12 6ER



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