Below is a copy of my standard Wedding Photography Contract

1. This agreement constitutes an order for wedding photography services by RT Photographic (the studio). Unless otherwise specified, it is understood that copyright of all images shall remain the property of the Studio and images may be used for advertising, display or any other purpose thought proper by RT Photographic.


 2. If the Photographer cannot fulfil this agreement in whole or in part due to illness or injury, then the Studio will provide another photographer(s) who will perform the agreement, who shall have no further liability with respect to this agreement.  In the event of fire, acts of nature, terror, or other cause beyond the control of the parties herein, then the Studio will issue a refund to the client, less deposit and any expenses incurred. This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that images are lost through malfunction, or damaged due to no fault on the part of Photographer.  Client(s) agree that an entire wedding cannot be replicated, re-enacted or repeated for the purpose of a re-shoot and limits the Studio's liability to the amount paid under this contract.  It is understood that the attending photographer(s) can only work within the 'house rules' of the venue(s) and/or those conducting the service and can not be held responsible for the results due to any limitations so imposed up on them.  It is requested that one or more persons be nominated responsible for the gathering of guests for group photos and that a list of required photographs is given to the photographer & those persons nominated before the wedding date.


 3. It is understood and agreed that the attending photographer(s) will be allowed to photograph unhindered by others wishing to take photographs/videos and that RT Photographic will be the sole hired professional photographers at the wedding.  Where high resolution images are supplied, these are limited to Jpeg files only and will be supplied on disk, USB flash drive or electronic download as determined by the number of images, and the package particulars. Images will receive basic editing by RT Photographic and the final selection of images will be at RT Photographic's discretion for quality control purposes.  The right to print and use on social media is included with the images.  Alteration or use of images which may be deemed detrimental to the copyright holder is prohibited.


 4. On signing of this agreement or the payment of the agreed deposit, the Studio will reserve the time agreed upon and will not make another reservation for the specific time frame. For this reason, all deposits are non-refundable. In the event of cancellation by you more than four weeks prior to the wedding any monies due, over and above the deposit, and any deductions for expenses/work already conducted will be refunded after receiving written confirmation of the cancellation.  In the event of cancellation four weeks or less from the wedding date then all monies are non-refundable.  In the case of postponement, the new date will be rescheduled subject to availability: should this not be possible then all monies are forfeit except in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of RT Photographic.


5. The agreed fee is £_______for a _______ service wedding photography ‘package’ on the date of DD/MM/YYYY at Enter Location HERE


6. A confirmation/Booking deposit of £_______ is required to confirm this contract. This leaves a balance payable of £_______ this balance is due in full no later than 4 weeks before your agreed wedding service date.

7. Alterations specifically due to Covid-19. It is noted and accepted by all parties that should circumstances such as a national pandemic, regional quarantine, stay at home order. Or significant reduction in the scope of the intended event results in a desire to re-schedule. The studio will make every reasonable attempt to accommodate a change in date for up to 24 months from the original booking. Monies paid will carry forward and you will retain the same service and rates as agreed her-in even if market prices have increased. However such restrictions are considered for the sake of this contract in part 2. Events out of the control of any parties here in and subject to the same cancellation and refund terms.


I/we, the undersigned Contracting Party, hereby confirm we have read the agreement prior to its execution and I/we are fully familiar with the contents thereof. This agreement shall be binding upon us and our heirs, legal representatives and assigns.


By signing this agreement and or making payment of the agreed deposit, I agree to pay as per the stated above, understanding that no deposits will be returned if the wedding is cancelled in accordance with note four above. I understand that the photographer(s) will be available on the date assigned or will send out another photographer(s) to photograph the event at the studio's cost.